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We're still developing our website and hope you'll forgive its shortcomings for the moment (and possibly in the future)


We are primarily oyster farmers and our tours are a side line and are not conducted on a daily basis, but arranged for you on request. Day by day we are busy doing our "oyster stuff", and as a result we need you to contact us some days in advance of your preferred tour date. Contacting us on the day you require a tour is very unlikely to work out.

Contact by phone or sms is preferred, and email is ok but may get a delayed response. Please don't contact us using a chat platform such as Wix Chat as this isn't a practical option for us

The Tour: 

Conducted on our work punt, we take up to 4 passengers on a two hours round trip up the scenic Wagonga inlet. On the way we drop into several of our oyster leases looking at various forms of oyster farming infrastructure and oysters in different stages of development. We'll shuck and eat some oysters as we go 

Inlet conditions: 

The Wagonga inlet is a shelter waters environment and generally calm and comfortable conditions prevail. There is rarely any swell so feeling sea sick is not a worry. However, if wind conditions became strong enough it can make waters choppy, and although not unsafe, no fun, as it would be wet and cold. Under these conditions we would cancel the tour in advance, as the idea is for you to have fun and a good time. point otherwise!


Clothing suited for the season and the prevailing weather and forecasts, plus a jacket in case things get fresh. We encourage you to bring a hat or cap and "slip slop slap" etc as appropriate (Oz for "put on a top, a hat and some sunblock')


We will have bottles of water for your use, but if you want to bring particular foods or drinks, feel free to bring them.

Cancellations and refunds :

We accept payment on the day of the tour, but if you have paid in advance, we will refund you in full or book you for another day if we are forced to cancel. If you deciding to cancel a tour, we would appreciate fair warning, and 48 hours’ notice would be good, as we need this time to make arrangements with other customers including possibly cancelling that particular tour.


Your safety as our first priority and we carry all required safety equipment in the unlikely event that it should be needed

Special needs: 

If you have special needs, please let us know so we can take every step we can to accomodate you. If you have medical conditions that may require urgent medication, please remember to bring these with you (e.g. asthma puffer etc)

Tour Fees: 

4 adult ($400)                - $100 per person if 4 adult seats are booked.

2 adults only ($250)       - $125 per seat if only 2 adults are booked leaving 2 empty seats.

2 adults and 2 children - $250 if no other booking wanted for the two seats the children take (ie children free), OR

                                        $400 if other folk would take those two seats 


Unfortunately, obtaining some of your personal information is unavoidable if we are to do business with you. Typically  we will require your mobile or other phone contact number and possibly an email address, If you are paying by credit card, then that also. We have no third party affiliates requiring your information and reassure you of our absolute commitment to your privacy. We are just oyster farmers when all's said and done

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards

Offline Payments


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