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Tour times         - 8 -10am is predictably the best time for conditions, but we will try to be flexible to accomodate you.

Pick up point     - From the Jetty alongside the Inlet Cafe on Riverside Dr. Plenty of parking nearby

Duration of tour - 1¾ -2 hours

Seasickness      - very very low risk

Food & Alcohol - Apart from some oysters, we don't provide any but you are welcome to bring your own

Lifejackets          - Maritime regulation require that you wear one. They are very unobtrusive low profile inflatable vest

Payment              - usually on the day. Cash or card are fine

Booking               - email or sms are fine. We like you to phone or sms again a day or so before your planned tour so

                                  we can confirm or ammend departure times or even cancel if weather conditions dictate

The oysters        - we will be shuckings some oysters for you as part of the tour. If you want to buy some, we sell them

                                  by the dozen.  Plate (largest) - $16 / doz  Bistro (large) - $14 / doz  Bottle (smaller) - $12 / doz

                                  From their harvest date, unopened our oysters kept 15-20°C will last for up to 14 days 

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